David Beckham & L'Oreal are Reinventing Male Grooming Products

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: pages.mail.beautygifter
The partnership between L'Oreal Luxe and beloved professional soccer player David Beckham makes claims of revolutionizing male grooming products with their new global grooming brand 'HOUSE 99.' The collection contains 19 highly innovative products that help style-minded men meet their grooming ambitions. The highly anticipated launch is scheduled for February in the UK, with a roll out to Canada and 19 countries in March.

The collaboration capitalizes on the re-emergence of the British-style barbershop culture and connects it with hairstyling and tattoo creativity, allowing men to experiment and evolve their look.

David Beckham is not a random addition to HOUSE 99; the London-born soccer player has previously secured the status of a style icon, challenging the restrictive notions of masculinity and inspiring multiple generations to re-imagine traditional male culture by bringing male grooming products to modern masculinity.