- Feb 24, 2018
February 2018 cosmetic trends reveal the continuation of the "natural beauty" push that forgoes Photoshop for more authentic campaigns, as well as the enhanced integration of augmented reality into beauty related products and services.

Though the use of Photoshop in making models much thinner is becoming less common (or obvious), campaigns that forgo Photoshop to reveal normal skin and its imperfections are much more rare. The Babor brand is hoping to change that with its All Woman Project, which released a series of images of beautiful women who's skin hasn't been edited to look unnaturally "perfect."

Augmented reality's potential in the beauty world is vast, and brands are beginning to take note with services like the Battington app that lets users try on eyelashes, and the Benefit AR Brow Try-On app.

From Unretouched Skincare Campaigns to Augmented Eyelash Apps: