Supermood's Youth Glo Luxury Peel is Infused With Natural Retinols

 - Jan 15, 2018
Supermood's Youth Glo Luxury Peel is infused with natural extracts like moth bean, apple, cornflower and seabuckthorn that work together to soothe and balance skin. Additionally, this formula reduces common signs of aging without relying on harsh chemicals to do so.

In addition to acting as a natural alternative to retinol and softening the look of fine lines, moth bean is also proven to curb new wrinkles from forming. Additional ingredients to note include vitamin C and antioxidant Glutathione which both work to brighten and even out dark circles or redness.

Finland-based skincare brand Supermood prides itself on products that feature either naturally sourced or certified organic ingredients. Its Youth Glo Luxury Peel is meant to be applied for a total of 60 seconds and doesn't need to be used more than once a week to garner noticeable results.