- Jun 5, 2018
A new wave of sun care products is emerging, helping consumers to once and for all say goodbye to sunscreens that leave unflattering white casts on the skin, sting the eyes, layer poorly with makeup and most of all, contain ingredients that are toxic to the body and harmful to the environment.

Some of the most innovative new sun care products come in the form of gummies and brush-on powders, while others boast unconventional inclusions like antioxidant ingredients, glitter or cannabis compounds.

Taking a page from skincare, the next generation of sun protection products comes in a wide range of formats, including everything from gels and foams to oils, serums and solid sticks. Additionally, these products are being formulated with plant-powered, reef-safe ingredients, as well as three-in-one protection to shied the skin from not just UVA and UVB light, but also the blue light emitted by device screens.

From Neon Sunscreen Sticks to Lightweight Foam Sunscreens: