Clarins' UV PLUS Protects Against Environmental Pollutants

 - Jul 4, 2017
References: sephora
The cosmetic brand Clarins' UV PLUS sunscreen aims to protect the skin from UV rays, as well as other environmental pollutants that are especially potent in the warmer months.

The product was designed to be worn during the day, and is tinted with either a light or a medium skin tone color so that users are able to avoid having to put foundation on top of it. Its formulation prevents the appearance of dark spots on the skin, as well as other premature signs of aging -- all while covering up and helping to treat any redness that may exist on the skin.

It has an SPF of 50, and is able to protect against UV rays as well as free radicals and other environmental toxins that come from pollution -- features that are particularly important in urban settings.