- Apr 29, 2018
These April 2018 marketing trends incorporate a wide range of creative branding efforts, interactive campaigns, socially conscious initiatives, and celebrity-fronted advertisements.

In order to reach consumers in a different way, Krispy Kreme launched a new version of its ever-popular Original Glazed donut, transforming it into a popcorn that's great to snack on. The popcorn is packaged in forest green, white, and red bags that reflect the donut chain's traditional branding. On the front of the bag is an image of the classic donut as well, instantly creating a flavor association for the many consumers who are familiar with the brand's products.

Also spotlighted is the KFC Malaysia campaign, which saw the fried chicken chain's Colonel Sanders replaced with Claudia Sanders. By switching out the male mascot, KFC aimed to show its support for powerful women around the globe in celebration of International Women's Day.

From Rebranded Craft Sodas to Empowering Female Logo Reworks: