Mie Le's Conceptual Fruit Spread Branding References Retro Graphics

 - Mar 22, 2018
References: packagingoftheworld
Vietnam-based graphic designer Mie Le created the branding for O' Jam, a conceptual fruit spread company. The designer's conceptual visual identity is nostalgic, as he pairs classic jam flavors like orange, grape and apple with accompanying illustrations that embody a vintage air.

These retro styled packaging labels are inspired by the idea that O' Jam's produces its product from locally grown and organic fruit from Da Lat City. The conceptual brand is also meant to offer jam that is free from carbs, added sugars or gluten, making it a health-conscious choice for consumers.

Though not actually for sale, these jams celebrate nostalgia from the 50s and 60s with glass and paper packaging that is accented with charming illustrations of the ingredients featured inside.