Lacoste Aims to Protect Endangered Species with 10 New Logos

 - Mar 5, 2018
References: lacoste & designtaxi
For the first time since its creation, Lacoste is getting rid its iconic alligator logo and replacing it with 10 new logos to spotlight the most endangered species in the world. In collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the brand swapped out the green alligator with the number of surviving animals of each species on the endangered list.

The list includes 30 California Porpoises, 40 Batagur Turtles of Burma, 50 Northern Lepilemurs, 67 Rhinoceros of the Sonde, 160 Gibbons of Cao-vit, 157 Kakapo Parrots, 231 California Condors, 250 Saolas, 350 Sumatran Tigers and 450 Cyclones of Anegada Islands.

The 10 new logos on Lacoste's classic polo are available online now, with proceeds from the collection being donated to the organizations that protect each endangered species.