From Urban Professional Knapsacks to Futuristic Space Fashion

 - Apr 28, 2018
These April 2018 fashion ideas include everything from exclusive collaborations and unique crossovers to projects that involve entirely digital models—'Shudu' recently made her debut on Instagram as a hyperrealistic computerized model that has captured the attention of many.

Over time there have been many fashion collections that reference memes and Internet culture, and some of the newest ones pay homage to cryptocurrency and the dark web. As well as taking inspiration from Bitcoin, Baggy by Baggy's apparel can only be purchased with the cryptocurrency. The Charli Cohen Fall/Winter 2018 collection takes numerous cues from the "mysterious underbelly of the Internet," and includes pieces printed with "404 NOT FOUND."

Across the fashion industry, streetwear and workwear are crossing over, as evidenced by designs like the Public Rec Pro Pack and the Richardson Spring/Summer 2018 line.