The Bazooka Candy 'Match-Ems' are Meant to be Mixed and Matched

 - Mar 20, 2018
References: topps & chewboom
Customization is key in the consumer product market, so the new Bazooka Candy 'Match-Ems' candy has been created with this in mind to let those with a sweet tooth try out different combinations.

The gummy candies come in a variety of different flavors that can be mixed and matched to let consumers create 28 different flavors that are sweet or sour. This is achieved with eight different flavors in the package that will let kids and adults alike figure out different combinations that they enjoy the most.

The Bazooka Candy 'Match-Ems' candy has been created with interlocking shapes that make it easy for consumers to pair flavors together. The treats are available at grocery and convenience stores nationwide now.

Image Credit: Bazooka Candy