- Mar 21, 2019
These psychedelic beauty innovations range from conceptual makeup artist accounts to multicolored lash sets. Standouts in the makeup realm include holographic and unicorn-themed products like NYX's Unicorn Blood lip gloss range -- consisting of dark and dramatic shades with a shimmering, metallic finish -- along with Trèstique's highly pigmented Starlighter highlighter sticks. The beauty brand's convenient sticks are easy to apply and blend, helping beauty fans achieve a bold lilac or gold glow.

When it comes to skincare, psychedelic beauty products to note include Sunshine + Glitter's Seastar Sparkle SPF 50 sunscreen which boasts a cake-inspired scent and glitter specks inside. Rituals' 'Ritual of Holi' skincare range for teens is another standout which draws inspiration from the colorful Indian cultural celebration both when it comes to its ingredients and packaging.

From Conceptual Makeup Artist Accounts to Multicolored Lash Sets: