Godfather Vodkas Features Luxe Packaging with Elegant Engravings

 - May 3, 2018
References: godfather-vodka & drinkhacker
The luxe vodka market is filled with amazing expressions, but few manage to exude opulence in the same way as Godfather Vodkas. Produced in Armenia, a land better known for its brandy, this unique distillery focuses purely on quality and honesty to the consumer. Buyers of Godfather Vodkas will be presented with a luxury box, covered in engravings and metal charms, but it's the slip of paper inside the box that matter. Unlike any other spirit, this vodka comes with a slip of paper detailing the vodka's test results, proving low incidence of copper, methanol and aldehydes. The slip is officially verified by not just the distiller but also by the Quality Control Department of SPS Cigaronne LLC.

The vodka itself is produced by mixing premium ALFA alcohol with pure spring water from the Armenian mountains. The water not only goes through a natural distillation through the mountains but is further purified through Godfather Vodka's " latest cutting-edge technology." The ALFA alcohol used in the spirit comes from pure wheat or rye and is tested rigorously to ensure its methanol content is seven times less than traditional alcohol.