- Dec 15, 2018
These gift ideas for hip-hop enthusiasts dive into the music genre's culture, stemming from the different roots and highlighting the growth of the genre and how it became such a strong impact on different societies. The ideas range from apparel, vinyl, drinks, sneakers, and more. It showcases that it is much more than music, but an empowering community and culture on its own.

An example of this is the collaborative project between Marvel Comics and Urban Legends -- the duo draw influences from hip-hop icons including 50 Cent and LL Cool J and creates album covers. The approach blends the superhero universe with the hip-hop culture through fusion artwork

Another great idea for the holiday is the custom OVO-themed Monopoly board game. The iconic long-running board game boasts black and gold designs and branding accents that nod to Drake's own label. The custom details of the game infuse Torontonian locations and place the rapper's face over the money.

From Superhero Hip Hop Vinyls to Custom Rapper Board Games: