The MAT Dock was Honored at the CES 2018 Innovation Awards

 - Jan 9, 2018
Smartphone mounts are a convenient way to safely make use of one's phone while cycling, but the MAT dock from Italian design company Sitael is so much more than just a widget for holding one's phone. The device, which has been announced as an Honoree for the CES 2018 Innovation Awards, not only holds one's smartphone in the center of a bike's handlebars but also acts as a holistic smart cycling hub for all of a riders' security needs.

The MAT dock, which stands for Magnetic Assisted Tap, grips users' smartphones using a strong, safe magnet. Once clipped in, the system will recognize one's smartphone and automatically unlock the wheel deadbolt, allowing the rider to hit the road. The system also includes GPS to allow riders to track their bicycle in the rare case of a theft. Further, it has sensors that can detect a serious crash, automatically call the authorities, and send messages to preset contacts.