'DUER Performance Denim' Changes the Jean-Wearing Experience

 - May 3, 2018
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Does perfection exist? It's a question that's plagued philosophers since the days of Plato. While the answer remains nebulous, that millennia-worth of great thinkers probably didn't expect to approach it with a pair of jeans. Because if DUER Performance Denim isn't the platonic ideal for a pair of jeans, it's certainly gotten pretty close.

As a base article of clothing for many consumers, jeans need to handle a lot. They should look nice enough for a night out, but they also need to be stretchy enough to handle daily activities. They should be warm but breathable. And they need to be durable enough to handle constant wear. DUER Performance Denim not only checks all the boxes, but it does so while coming in at a price that'll give consumers reverse sticker shock.

The excellence of DUER Performance Denim starts with the fabric, a proprietary blend called L2X. It's 30 percent lighter and stronger than regular denim, yet it's simultaneously five times as stretchy. That miraculous equation comes from a combination of premium denim, Spandex, COOLMAX to help with moisture management, and Silvadur for odor-neutralization.

DUER was started after the founder, Gary Lenett, realized that he shouldn't have to change into and out of shorts to bike to work every day. Having ridden a cycling commute through heavy April rains and sweltering May heat while wearing DUER Performance Denim, this writer can attest to the "performance" in the jeans' name. Thanks to the L2X fabric and a clever gusseted inseam, the jeans are ideal for cycling, climbing, travel, and so much more.

With an MSRP of just $129, DUER Performance Denim is raising philosophical questions of perfection all across North America.