iOttie's Easy One Touch 4 is Convenient, Safe and Affordable

 - Aug 2, 2018
References: iottie
This phone bike mount by iOttie offers a convenient and safe way to navigate streets in the busy city. The accessory can accommodate handlebars that range from 20 to 43 millimeters in diameter. While the Easy One Touch 4 holds the phone securely via a flexible Safety Strap, users can remove their device "with one simple hand motion" thanks to iOttie's expertize in UX design. The accessory also boasts a ball joint that can adjust the angular positioning of the device.

In addition, the phone bike mount is created to be adaptable to the shape and placement of the handlebars, as well as the ergonomic proportions of its user. As a result, iOttie develops a product that is suitable for different cycling conditions and one that can significantly enhance the experience of using GPS.