Vintage Electric's 'Scrambler S' Takes Cues from Mid-Century Bikes

 - May 9, 2018
References: digitaltrends
The motorcycles of the past have given way to speed-centric sportbikes and ostentatious choppers, so the new 'Scrambler S' from Vintage Electric is looking back to some classic designs. The new electric bicycle is inspired by the utility motorcyles of WWII, with a form factor that pays homage to the 40s in every design decision.

Though the Scrambler S is indeed an electric bike, as opposed to a motorcyle, one wouldn't be blamed for thinking that it was a gas-powered cruiser. The bike's central battery component is housed in an engine-like casing that looks right out of The Motorcycle Diaries, and its headlamp is styled with a yellow tinge that hearkens back to an earlier era.

The power in the bike is very modern, however. It features a 1,123-watt battery that can get riders to a top speed of 36 miles per hour.