Jack Hudspith & Ben Pawle's Cheery Design Aims to Alleviate Road Rage

 - Nov 9, 2018
References: loffi.cc & dezeen
Architect Jack Hudspith collaborates with product designer Ben Pawle on a pair of urban cycling gloves that are meant to inject metropolitan streets with optimism and cheerfulness. Each glove boasts two smiley faces on each side — one reflective and one cushioned. While the former provides visibility during the day and the night, the other adds a little extra comfort for the lengthy bike ride.

The two creatives launch the urban cycling gloves under the Loffi brand name. The product is water-resistant and windproof. The functional and aesthetically delightful gloves are specifically designed to combat the "complex issue of road rage." Jack Hudspith and Ben Pawle hope that by flashing a smiley face at drivers, people can ease-up and be calmer and safer on the road.