Maven and Wahoo Design Create the Kickr Headwind for Indoor Cyclists

 - Aug 3, 2018
References: mavendesign & core77
Maven Design Team work in collaboration with Wahoo Design on creating the Kickr Headwind, which is the first ever purpose-built smart fan. It delivers a full body airflow designed specifically for indoor cyclists to simulate that of an outdoor riding experience. The Kickr Headwind is another addition to the Wahoo ecosystem of indoor training equipment connected to allow users to have the ultimate indoor experience.

The development focused on communicating speed accurately with its ongoing chamfered ends that correlate to the layered steps to embrace the harnessed force of the wind. Every piece from the Wahoo connected ecosystem visually shows that it contributes towards in terms of providing the ultimate riding simulation. The Kickr Headwind also connects to Wahoo products including the speed sensors, training apps, and heart rate monitors to simulate the airflow with the option of either headwind or tailwind flow.