Arara is the Bicycle Lighting System That Will Never Need a Battery

 - Feb 5, 2018
There have been many interesting and innovative battery-free bike light designs in recent years, but all of them were fork- or frame-mounted – until now. Enter Arara, the first wheel-mounted, battery-less bicycle lighting system. Lights on the wheels greatly improve visibility for drivers turning onto the road and make bikes easily recognizable from the side.

Arara lights are powered by magnetic induction. They charge continuously with movement and gradually fade to black when a rider stops. There are two models available: the A5 and the A200. The A5 lights up in seconds and turns off just as quickly when a bike stops moving. The A200 takes a bit of time to charge, but when stopped, it takes a few minutes to fade to black.

The Arara battery-free bike-light project is launching on Indiegogo on February 13, 2018. An introductory offer – 20% off for all early subscribers – will be valid till Feb. 12th.