- Aug 27, 2017
As the August 2017 tech trends reveal, modern technology continues to 'go green' in new and exciting ways. Beyond solar-power and low-energy gadgets, consumers now have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of eco-friendly and highly accessible tech options.

One area which continues to see progress is that of gadgets powered by renewable energy. One brand new example is the Reelight CIO, which is powered by magnetic energy. Another example is the DC-Tri Stand-Up Electric Trike Bikes, which are powered by electricity instead of fuel.

Beyond devices that are powered by renewable sources of energy, the August 2017 tech trends also include devices that go off the grid entirely. For instance, Sonnet Labs recently created a device that gives a user's smartphone the ability send instant messages, voice recordings, images, and GPS coordinates in areas where there is no cell coverage, satellite service or even internet access.

From Off-Grid Data Devices to Magnetic Energy Bike Lights: