The 'Tovnet' WiFi Security Camera Fits into Any Light Socket

 - Jul 3, 2017
References: kickstarter & droold
Installing a security camera usually means having to mount it and deal with wiring, but the 'Tovnet' light bulb camera aims to change this by offering a design that can fit into your existing light fixtures. Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor fixtures, the 'Tovnet' WiFi security camera connects wirelessly to your home network in order to let you see what's happening in real-time from anywhere. The 'Tovnet' camera also records continuously to ensure that you have the peace-of-mind that your home or business is under surveillance.

The 'Tovnet' light bulb camera will work to record the surroundings but also provides illumination to ensure that you don't lose functionality of the light fixture when the camera is installed in it.