The Surface of This Reflective Glass is Motion-Controlled

 - Jun 26, 2017
References: twowaymirrors & producthunt
The interactive Smart Mirror is reflective of the future -- literally. Using vanity vision, this mirror acts as a touchable interface that provides users with the opportunity to use a mirror as they would a smartphone. Equipped with voice recognition, augmented reality displays, hidden camera recording, teleconferencing and Skype and touchscreen abilities, this smart glass mirrors the future.

By using VanityGlass, the company responsible for the interactive Smart Mirror was able to craft a mirror that's 30 percent more reflective than regular two-way glass, offering heightened security and enhanced viability. Through the Smart Mirror, users can scroll through the news, watch YouTube videos and video chat with friends or simply pretend they're in The Matrix through the device that disguises itself as a traditional mirror when not in use.