'Beeing Human' Features Strong Geometric Patterns

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: inside3dprinting & core77
'Beeing Human' is a fashion collection from artist Jamela Law which features structural 3D-printed garments inspired by honey bees.

Honey bees, like humans, create structures for protection -- these honeycomb-inspired garments utilize strong geometric patterns to draw upon the uniquely creative powers of nature. The all white outfits are comprised of various patterns, shapes and designs to trigger conversations of self-preservation and protection. The different outfits were crafted from plastics and silicone castings using 3D-printed technology. These whimsical castings create geometric silhouettes which extend from the wearers hips and shoulders, appearing as elegant armor.

3D printing has removed various limitations fashion designers used to face, allowing for enhanced creativity and efficient mass production. 'Beeing Human' serves as an example of the creative fusion between art and technology.