The Skeletor Microphone's Exterior Appearance Will Make You Shudder

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: oddguitars & newatlas
ODD Guitars is a collective that's known for its steampunk, macabre and generally orthodox musical creations, and it continues to raise the bar in terms of eye-catching music technology design with the advent of the Skeletor microphone design.

Developed by Olaf Diegel, the Skeletor was put together using cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques in conjunction with CAD software. The stand-out feature of this microphone design is its frightening, skull-shaped exterior shell, which is structured out of nylon. As far as components are concerned, this microphone comes with a mic attachment obtained from a Shure SM58 vocal microphone, one of the most widely used vocal microphones in the business.

Given its hellish appearance, the Skeletor microphone might just appeal to metalheads and lovers of the horror genre.