'Guard Peanut' Protects Your Personal Items from Theft

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: sen.se & yankodesign
Guard Peanut is an anti-theft security system that's connected to your smartphone.

Although locks can help keep your valuables safe, this discreet security system actually informs you if your belongings have been moved. Guard Peanut can be comfortably stuck on valuable items like your luggage, briefcase or jewelry boxes, and provides real-time updates in the event of a potential theft. This peanut sized protector will sound an alarm if the item it's attached to is moved, while simultaneously sending a notification to the user's smartphone. The ringing will scare would-be thieves while the quick-acting notification system offers peace of mind.

Guard Peanut provides users with the discreet alternative to personal security, and can be used to monitor your front door, your bike, or your gym locker.