'Ripple' Lets the Wearer Know If Someone is Looking at Them

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: memeburn & fastcodesign
Ripple was designed as a technological buffer for the romantically impaired, serving as an example of responsive haptic clothing. This wearable acts as your wing man, informing you when someone might be interested.

The device, which appears to look like colorful tentacles attached on shoulder pads, is fastened with two cameras that monitor the wearer's surroundings and can process facial expressions that indicate attraction through the use of computer vision. When Ripple believes someone in the room is interested in the wearer, a light wave will be sent up their spine, prompting them to look around the room. When the wearer locks eyes with the person Ripple has recognized as attracted, the device will tap the user on the chest. This process intends to provide the wearer with enough confidence to encourage conversations and enhance the likelihood of mutual attraction.