From Expressive Toy Wearables to Responsive Haptic Clothing

 - Jul 29, 2017
From smart leggings that offer feedback during fitness sessions to AI-powered systems that deliver chills to the body, the top July 2017 wearable technology ideas explore unconventional uses of smartwatches, fitness bands and responsive clothing systems. As such, functional wearables are being released with hyper-specific purposes to suit individual workouts, pregnancy and day-to-day life, especially when it comes to dealing with stress. At the same time, devices are also becoming more versatile, with innovations like the Biostrap capable of being worn on any part of the body.

While there are a number of child-friendly wearables on the market, as well as a growing number of emotion-tracking devices, one major toy company launched a collection of playthings that specifically encourages kids to identify and process their emotions, including difficult ones like sadness and anger.