The COEL Bangle Alerts Women to Environmental Dangers

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: grameen-intel & qz
In an effort to improve maternal health and wellness in countries such as Bangladesh, Grameen Intel Social Business Limited has designed a piece of wearable tech called the COEL bangle, which helps expectant mothers avoid environmental dangers.

The COEL bangle (which stands for Carbon Monoxide Exposure Limiter), is a smart wristband that is designed to look like a piece of jewelry. Despite its unassuming exterior, the bracelet features a built-in speaker that helps to educate women about their pregnancy by playing a series of pre-recorded messages. These messages include tips about what to eat and reminders to visit the doctor. The bracelet is also equipped with sensors that alert women if they are exposed to unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide, which can occur when cooking over wood, charcoal or animal dung.

Designed to last for 10 months (the span of an entire pregnancy), the COEL bangle is intended to help improve the health and autonomy of women in South Asia.