From Gender Neutral Craft Beers to Subway-Style Pride Posters

 - Jul 29, 2017
With Pride Month celebrations going on throughout June, the July 2017 social good trends highlight many of the groundbreaking campaigns that were created to show support for the LGBTQ community.

As in past years, Pride Month was a great opportunity for brands to show their support for diversity and inclusiveness. This included big name brands such as McDonald's, Converse and Urban Outfitters, all of whom gave their products a rainbow-colored makeover for the occasion.

However, the history of Pride Month long predates corporate branding. Indeed, many of the best Pride Month campaigns were the work of local activists, such as New York City's subway-style Pride posters, which were created by a trio of local ad creatives. Indeed, the July 2017 social good trends reveal that Pride campaigns can run the gamut from big budget endeavors to grassroots initiatives.