This VR Game Can Help People Overcome a Fear of Heights

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: geekwire & digitaltrends
Heights are one of the most common phobias, so students from the University of Washington have developed a rock climbing simulator to try to help people overcome their fears of sheer precipices. The project uses virtual reality on the Unity platform to simulate the experience of climbing several different rock faces and completing various challenges.

The rock climbing simulator was originally developed as a game for the students' final project in a University of Washington course. However, after seeing user responses to the game, the students realized its potential as a tool for helping people to cope with their vertiginous fear.

The game has three levels. In the first, the user must climb from one block to another. The second involves handling different elevation levels, and the third requires users to swing across chasms to reach different faces of the wall.