- Jan 30, 2018
These travel booking innovations range from VR-powered itinerary services to airport social platforms that encourage spontaneous conversations between passengers.

While examples like the Amadeus search and booking tool and Razões para Acreditar and Burson-Marstellar's online platfrom utilize virtual reality to both simulate travel and help consumers arrange the vacation of their dreams, KAYAK's emoji search feature targets social media-savvy, Millennial travelers.

Other travel booking innovations gaining attention include Travel Noire, a platform geared toward Black Millennial consumers and Love Home Swap, a service that lets vacationers trade homes with one another while abroad.

Cheap airfare-finding app Bliss and Boomer-specific travel platform Road Scholar round off this list and speak to consumers' growing desire for convenient and personalized trip-planning options. Whether consulting a curated app or online booking service, consumers of all ages are embracing travel aids that are more seamless and flexible than ever before.

From VR Trip-Booking Services to Airport Social Platforms: