The Stay App Turns Hotels into Mobile Experiences

 - Dec 5, 2017
References: stay-app
As mobile devices and online platforms proliferate, people increasingly expect services to be available entirely through digital means, and the Stay app helps hotels to remain in touch with that expectation. The app gives hotel guests and managers alike a suite of features to improve the experience on both sides of the (virtual) concierge desk.

For guests, the Stay app expedites scores of touchpoints inherent in the hotel experience. Guests will no longer need to stop in at the front desk at all, as they can check in through the app and access a fully functional room key directly through their phones. The app also helps them to report room issues, book hotel services, and find information.

On the side of hotel managers, the app offers up a centralized platform where they can find information about guests and find the best ways to make their stay the best it can be.