AllergyTravels Aims to Simplify Traveling with an Allergy

Allergy Travels is a unique travel platform that caters to consumers who want to experience greater ease when traveling with allergies.

The platform offers a wealth of information on everything from restaurants and airlines, plus user reviews and travel tips to make it easier to plan an allergy-conscious trip. As well as offering insights into different businesses, the online community also educates consumers on allergen labeling for prepackaged foods that may vary from country to country, how to communicate allergies when dining out and more.

This niche travel platform on the web has emerged at a time when there is a higher demand for free-from foods than ever. As Allergy Travels' co-founder Emma Amoscato says: "There is no resource like this out there and we are excited to create a hub of information to save people time and worry when planning a trip."