'Nexto' Replaces Audio Guides with Engaging AR Games and Quizzes

 - Jan 3, 2018
References: nexto.io & producthunt
Sightseeing while traveling is exciting in and of itself, but Nexto manages to add to that excitement while also giving travelers a cultural and historical education. The app includes AR games and quizzes centered around the myths, folklore, and famous aspects of various historical regions around the world, making for an engaging blend of entertainment and learning.

To be sure, technology has long been a way for travelers to learn about their destinations. Audio guides are a popular way to take in information about museums and even neighborhoods, but they tend toward boring the majority of the time. Nexto incoporates AR and interactive quizzes into the mix, keeping travelers excited as they move through their destinations. The app also includes virtual souvenirs in the form of AR trophies, encouraging users to compare their travels to others'.