The New Xbox Live Avatars are More Diverse Than Ever

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: theverge
Since releasing its Xbox Live Avatars in 2008, Microsoft has gradually released small updates to the simple characters, but at this year's E3 conference, the massive tech company announced its plan for a major overhaul of the online proxies. Aside from updates to the Xbox Live Avatars' graphics, behaviors, and add-ons, Microsoft has placed a clear emphasis on diversity for the upcoming avatar changes.

In a press video released at E3, Microsoft showed off some of the newest features. The video opens up with an avatar that has a prosthetic arm, and it continues on to show characters of all colors, body types, and abilities (including an avatar in a wheelchair.) The video even includes a pregnant avatar.

There are less political updates to the avatars as well, including a color picking feature for designing clothing and accessories and new add-ons like a VR headset, a motorcycle, a skateboard, and even a majestic steed.