From Revived Retro Smartphone Games to Immersive Gaming Monitors

 - Jul 30, 2017
Plato, the seminal Greek philosopher, once said that you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation, and if the venerable philosopher can be trusted, this proves the July 2017 gaming trends to be a worthy cause. For the more competitive among us, gaming is a direct channel to one's unvarnished personality, even among people who might otherwise be reserved.

Though games have existed for thousands of years, the July 2017 gaming trends show that game designers still haven't run out of creative and original formats. Minit is a good example. The game features a dynamic wherein the main character automatically dies every 60 seconds (hence the phonetic title.) Before expiration, the user must uncover new aspects of the surrounding area, advancing the narrative during each lifespan.