From Profanity-Laced Mother's Day Ads to Child-Designed Clothing

 - Jun 24, 2017
June 2017 children's trends reveal plenty of non-traditional mother-focused campaigns and commercials, as well as children becoming more autonomous in the business world.

There are plenty of examples of the latter – where once Mother's Day ads focused on more traditional outpourings of sentimentality, they now take a more humorous and realistic route to be more relatable in the eyes of consumers. These examples range from Kraft's profanity-laced Mother's Day ad, to HBO's celebrity mother campaign which features the parents of stars on its shows reciting some of the crude lines their children have said in their respective acting roles.

Another trend that can be seen this month is the increasing autonomy of children, particularly those of enhanced capacities. One such example is the Haus of JR, a children's streetwear collection that was designed with the help of child artist Giana.