The Beebot Kit Lets Users Build Their Own Drone Puzzles

 - May 17, 2017
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Drones, by their very nature, are about exploring and expanding one's horizons, and the Beebot Kit is a new drone product that extends that experience into the building of the drone itself. The kit, which is designed for kids aged eight and up, consists of wooden parts that can be assembled to create a functional, hexagonal drone, and those individual drones can then be pieced together with others to build elaborate flying drone puzzles.

The Beebot Kit is all about engaging one's creativity. Not only can the drones link up with one another in virtually infinite combinations, but the wooden material that makes up their skeletons is also meant to be experimented with. The Beebot Kit creators encourage kids to paint their drones before flying them, making each drone a unique flier.