The Just A Baby App is for Adults Seeking Donors and Partners

 - May 11, 2017
References: justababy & refinery29
Just A Baby is a unique app concept that allows adults to speed up the process of having children.

The app is designed in the same way that Tinder is, with a swipe feature that allows people to go through and view people's "biological profiles," which are filled in with information about what the person is looking for, or willing to offer. This can be anything from sperm or egg donations, to people interested in co-parenting, partnerships, or people looking for or willing to be surrogates. The app is targeted at Millennials who are often in "transient spaces" and may put off having children because of this, and it aims to normalize alternative approaches to having children outside of the more socially accepted nuclear family.

The Just A Baby app had a successful soft launch, and could have important implications for Millennials, as well as those in LGBTQ communities.