'Nurture Life' Prepares Meals for Children Using Fresh Ingredients

 - May 24, 2017
References: nurturelife
Most food delivery services are oriented towards adults who don't have time to prepare meals for themselves, but 'Nurture Life' takes things in a different direction by enabling busy parents to feed their children the best possible meals.

Created for babies, toddlers and kids, 'Nurture Life' provides ready-to-eat meals that are prepared using fresh, wholesome ingredients to ensure that a balanced serving of food is always ready for youngsters to enjoy.

The meal delivery service works by having parents input their children's ages and dietary preferences into the platform. Fresh meals will be delivered each week and are able to be microwaved to reheat or warmed in the oven. The meals are chilled but never frozen to help them stay fresh and wholesome without the risk of freezer burn or flavor changes.