The 'Hydro-Ball' Sprinkler Works with Water or the Wind

 - May 26, 2017
References: windandweather & thegreenhead
The 'Hydro-Ball' water sprinkler is designed to be hooked up to your garden hose in order to enable a spinning action and send H2O in virtually every direction. Stylishly designed with a bronze finish, the 'Hydro-Ball' looks like an ornate piece of artwork to be placed in a garden or backyard to be admired when the water is or is not flowing. When a hose isn't attached, the 'Hydro-Ball' is capable of catching the wind and spinning to create a moving piece of art to admire.

The 'Hydro-Ball' water sprinkler is an effective piece of equipment for watering your garden, but is also ideal for use with kids to let them play in the streams of water during the summer months.