The Sensate is a Vibrating Chest-Mounted Stress Reliever

 - Jun 19, 2017
References: & newatlas
The Sensate is a wearable, vibrating stress reliever from UK-based BioSelf Technology. The device is to be worn on the user's chest, under their clothes to monitor "biometric data such as heart rate, respiration, posture and body temperature." If the device notices you're beginning to become stressed out, it will begin vibrating over the breast bone, which lowers stress by stimulating the vagus nerve.

The Sensate is also paired with a smartphone app, which, when connected, analyzes the data in real-time. If the user wishes, the app can be controlled to play relaxing music or nature sounds through the user's earbuds to guide the brain activity to a different frequency, one more compatible with calmness and ease.

Wearable stress relief would provide users with portable peace of mind, and act as an instant reminder to focus on their health.