Hasbro's Hanazuki Toy Range Helps to Connect Kids with Their Emotions

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: hasbro & toyroyalty
Early this year, Hasbro Studios and Titmouse, Inc. launched the animated series 'Hanazuki: Full of Treasures' on YouTube, introducing kids to a plantlike child character called a Moonflower that uses her emotions to protect her world from evil forces.

For the upcoming fall season, Hasbro will be introducing a series of toys to help kids immerse themselves in the series and explore a healthy range of emotions. The HANAZUKI MOODGLEAM Wearable Band is designed to help kids identify their current mood by attaching "Treasures" to the app-connected band, which will cause the band to light up with corresponding colors. Another wearable in the new toy set is the HANAZUKI MOODBLOSSOM Band, which serves as a portable way to store up to six Treasures at once.

The full Hanazuki toy range will also include a light-up plush doll, a garden playset and a group of collectible Treasures.