The Anti AI AI Device Gives You the Chills When It Detects a Fake Voice

 - Jun 24, 2017
References: & springwise
This wearable AI device sends a literal chill down your neck when it hears an artificial voice. Developed by Australian research firm DT, Anti AI AI is a piece of technology that goes on your ear and will notify you (by cooling the skin via a thermoelectric plate) when it detects a machine-generated synthetic voice. The prototype was created as a pre-emptive response to fake news and the sort of bot-powered content and disinformation spread by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Anti AI AI device is connected to a neural net that can distinguish between real human and synthesized voices. The IoT invention also differs from other alert systems that typically use light, sound or vibrations by delivering a noticeable chill by the back of the neck instead.