The Pocket-Sized Helio Camping Latern Packs 220 Lumens

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: flextailgear & digitaltrends
When going on a camping trip, packing light is priority number one, and the Helio camping latern helps consumers to do so on their next excursion. The cubic light weighs just 45 grams and easily fits in ones pocket, yet it emits an impressive 220 lumens — significantly more light than many of its bulkier competitors.

The Helio camping lamp is especially convenient because of its size. As mentioned, it can easily fit in any size pocket, and it diminutive size also allows it to be placed virtually anywhere to illuminate a dark space. If trippers are trying to find a piece of gear at the bottom of a dark pack, they can easily toss their Helio in to light it up, and it comes with a small strap that makes it easy to hang from tents as an overhead light (without having any impact on the structural integrity of the tent itself.)