From Repurposed Chopstick Decor to Ultra-Durable Eco Paints

 - Jul 30, 2017
Design is an arduous process no matter what field one is designing for, but the cream always seems to rise to the top, and the July 2017 design trends are no exception. Whether furniture, interior decor, art, automobiles, or anything else, the current design trends show that beauty can be translated into virtually any medium.

It might be little more than a coincidence, but the July 2017 design trends favor geometry. Wooda Home has created a set of wooden, wall-mounted, hexagonal vases, and ChopValue has created a similar concept by upcycling pairs of wooden chopsticks. The Flex Chair even adds some functionality to geometry by using rigid shapes to create a comfortable, folding lounge chair.

Interpreting the inspiration behind geometry is tricky, but the inspiration behind outdoor design trends is far simpler. By July, the weather is beautiful, and people need to spend time outside at any cost. This leads to products like the Outdoor Bascule rocking chair and the Simba Blue Sun Lounger.