'Less House' in Ho Chi Minh City is a Luminous Structure

 - May 31, 2017
References: archdaily & archdaily
A transparent greenhouse has erected in Ho Chi Minh City with a lush and dreamy aesthetic that was inspired by greenery and growth.

The greenhouse is see-through, promoting clean breathing in a city that's known for its urban pollution. The perforated white metal it is constructed with allows for optimal light to seep through, enriching the vegetation that covers the floor and walls, while also providing an opportunity for onlookers to peek inside.

The two-storey greenhouse is currently acting as a concept space and is housing a family of seven. The exterior is reflective of the interior -- minimalist while inspiring serenity and peacefulness. The co-habitation between people and plant life speaks to an environmentally conscious generation that is are combining compact living with environmental sustainability through the use of design and architecture.