The Luminoodle Lightstrip is Both a Rope and a Lantern

 - May 31, 2017
References: amazon & digitaltrends
The Luminoodle Lightstrip asks "why would you hang a lantern from a rope, when the rope can be the lantern?" With a new innovative design, this USB-connected lighting system acts as both a rope and a light source, which has the potential to be incredibly valuable for campers and outdoor adventurers. The five-foot luminous rope is waterproof, with LED lights that will illuminate even the darkest of settings.

The flexibility of the light also aids in the functionality and versatility of the product, allowing users to place it nearly anywhere they please. The Luminoodle Lightstrip comes in two modes: the first being a hanging luminous rope, and the second being a traditional lantern, a form which is made possible through the clear bag that comes with the item in which the light strip can be packed into.