The 'Feel' Perfume Kiosk Was Designed by Dana Shaked

 - Jun 14, 2017
This perfume kiosk, intriguingly called 'Feel,' is a stunning apothecary-style fragrance bar. Situated within a shopping mall located in Israel, the experience is a new take on fragrance shopping that emphasizes the process of sampling and exploring new scents. Boasting an apothecary or bar-style rack specifically designed to hold giant sample bottles upside-down, the 'Feel' perfume kiosk provides customers with an "instant, independent and pleasant engagement."

Showcasing an increasingly popular straight-to-consumer model, the 'Feel' location was designed by Dana Shaked, who was sure to create an easily moved modular bar, in order for the brand to have flexibility in terms of their position within the mall. The 'Feel' perfume kiosk also boasts a clean, black and white monochromatic experience that feels simple and accessible to all.